Financial Management

Mitchell Humphrey offers a complete suite of software products, called FMS II, completely designed and supported by our own team of CPAs, business specialists, and IT professionals.

You may acquire a single product or an integrated group of products.  Our software has built-in integration within our product family.  In addition, all products have built-in capabilities to integrate with your other software, whether developed in-house or acquired from another vendor.  This allows data to be entered only once in any of your systems integrated with FMS II.

Complete Fund Accounting

The entire family of FMS II software products is designed to fully support fund accounting.  From Purchasing to Accounts Payable to General Ledger, and all other related systems, every fund accounting requirement is satisfied.

Some of the key fund accounting features are as follows:

  • Complies with the requirements of FASB, GASB, NACUBO, etc.
  • Accounts for pre-encumbrances and encumbrances, including partial and complete liquidations.
  • Performs on-line available funds checking automatically.
  • Generates inter-fund and fund balance transactions.
  • Provides powerful on-line inquiries to retrieve data for both internal and various regulatory agency purposes.

Access via the Internet

You may optionally access all FMS II products remotely via the internet with our
FMS-WebLink product.  In addition, this product allows you to publish crucial reports to the internet or your intranet.  Of special benefit to your IT staff is the capability for users to install or update client software themselves any time they access FMS II from a web page.

Customization Tools

Each product has built-in tools, called FMS II Business Process Management which enables the software to be customized with no programming.  You can have your own unique data and even unique processes while retaining the ability for us to maintain the software.

Analytical and Update Tools

In addition, each product has a set of tools, called FMS II Knowledge Management, which place powerful data retrieval, analysis, and update capabilities in your hands.

Small wonder we believe FMS II products give you the best return on your software investment.

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