Keys To Success

Mitchell Humphrey has successfully provided software solutions to our clients for 35 years. We believe our success stems directly from the philosophy of our company.

Our People are Reliable

We know that high quality software and service cannot be achieved without reliable, dedicated people. We have a highly skilled team of CPAs, business specialists, and IT professionals to serve our clients. They work as a team to design and support our software solutions. All sales, product development, and support are provided by our own staff.

Standard of Integrity

At Mitchell Humphrey we insist on the highest ethical standards for each and every employee. We believe a promise is a promise, a commitment is a commitment. And we do not waiver from that standard even if it means losing money on a client engagement. Foregoing short-term profits for long-term success is one of the reasons we have clients who have stayed with our company for over 25 years.

Sound Business Decisions

Before developing a new software solution, we determine that (1) there is an established or emerging market for the software and (2) the hardware and operating system on which it will be developed has long-term viability. Then we build a product that has more features, flexibility, and return on investment than our competitors. In other words, we don’t want to be first, just best.

Commitment to Client Support

Excellent software, by itself, does not make a successful software installation. A successful installation can occur only if the vendor provides the same level of quality on implementation planning, installation, and post-installation service. Mitchell Humphrey knows that our success is dependent on your success. That is why we have clients that have used our software for over three decades.