Optimizing Code Enforcement in Manchester, NJ

The Challenge

Manchester is a township in Ocean County, New Jersey with over 40,000 residents that covers 82 square miles. Inspectors were spending a lot of time driving back and forth between sites and their offices in order to record the results of inspections. They also needed a way to attach digital image files to reports to keep all documentation in one place for each inspection.

The Solution

Leaders from Manchester’s government operations approached Mitchell Humphrey & Co. (MH&Co.) looking for a web-based solution that would help them save time and stay organized. FastTrackGov offered Manchester’s code enforcement employees the ability to record the results of inspections directly in the field on their mobile phone or tablet. 

Additionally, Manchester processes thousands of landlord registrations. Their local and out of town residents can renew online 24/7 from their own device. Their local real estate agents also benefit from the online inquires they have access to. Manchester is currently working with multiple departments using FastTrackGov allowing them to see all related data against each property.

The Microsoft Dynamics platform made the launch and implementation run smoothly for Manchester’s employees. “I really love the Microsoft Dynamics platform that FastTrackGov is based on,” said Mike Martin, Construction/Fire Official. “It is versatile and easy for all levels of software users.”

Martin and his team collaborated with MH&Co. to customize their software in accordance with Manchester’s specific needs. They created custom fields within the Code Enforcement module to ensure inspectors captured all necessary information in their reports. They also added the ability for inspectors to upload images along with their reports, all from their mobile device.

The Results

Because of the new software, Manchester was able to effectively eliminate the unproductive drive time that was consuming a large part of the inspectors’ day prior to implementing FastTrackGov.

“Manchester is an 82-square mile township. By implementing FastTrackGov, we have saved an unprecedented amount of time,” said Martin. “All of the staff is using their time better and more efficiently.”