Submit Your Challenges and Innovations: Shaping Sessions for MHUG Virtual Conference 2023


Your Expertise Matters

As we prepare to gather and explore the frontiers of knowledge, we invite you to actively participate in shaping the sessions and discussions. We value your expertise and insights, and your contributions can help us create an impactful event that addresses the most pressing challenges and celebrates innovative solutions.

Share Your Challenges and Innovations

Submitting your ideas is simple. Just fill out the form, providing a concise description of the problem or the details of the new process you’d like to share. The more specific and actionable your submission, the better we can understand your needs and incorporate them into the conference program.

Submit with Confidence

We assure you that your submissions will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect. We value diversity and aim to foster an inclusive environment where all voices are heard. Your contributions will play a vital role in shaping an enriching and engaging conference experience for all attendees.