e-PlanSoft and Mitchell Humphrey & Co. Announce Their First Joint Florida City Client

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | St. Louis, MO: In a meaningful partnership, e-PlanSoft™ joins with Mitchell Humphrey & Co. to provide powerful software solutions to a Gulf Coast City in Florida. With a desire to keep up with technological advancements and to meet their citizens’ needs, the City has elected to leverage FastTrackGov® and eplansoft REVIEW™ to minimize costs and deployment times during large scale construction projects.

Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s web-based FastTrackGov software connects government and citizens with solutions for licensing, permitting, code enforcement, inspections, and citizen interaction. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics framework, FastTrackGov integrates easily with eplansoft REVIEW™, a secure and reliable plan review management software created by e-PlanSoft™. Clients can expect secure document management and storage accessible anytime and increased productivity while cutting overhead costs.

We are very happy to be able to offer eplansoft REVIEW to our growing family of FastTrackGov clients. This is one more way FastTrackGov helps them to deliver exceptional service to their citizens,” stated Kim Schaefer, President and COO of Mitchell Humphrey & Co.

eplansoft REVIEW™ is a cloud-based collaborative platform used for team-based design review, permitting, inspection, and site assessment. With the integration between FastTrackGov and eplansoft REVIEW™, clients of Mitchell Humphrey & Co. receive instant, secure access to project documents and supporting materials 24/7 from any computer, anywhere in the world and much more.

“We began our partnership with Mitchell Humphrey & Co. during their licensing of eplansoft REVIEW in 2018. Their company is known for consistently standing behind vendors whose solutions deliver the same standards that they hold their own products to. The quality of our software and our ability to store up to 50,000 documents for their clients while providing 24/7 server uptime and weekday support, even on holidays, was an important contributing factor in this union,” commented Sean Hooper, National Account Manager for e-PlanSoft.

The optimization of both resources provided from the implementation of FastTrackGov and eplansoft REVIEW™, will lower costs of doing business with construction firms for the City while improving the plan review submittal process for their citizens. This announcement comes at a time when the City is undergoing construction on an important multi-million dollar project.  In November 2019, the City began phase 2 of construction for this project with expectations to complete work for this phase in the spring of 2021.

This Florida City has a vision to be a world-class community with a positive environment for their residents and tourists to experience. The City will continue to flourish by implementing the use of technology, such as eplansoft REVIEW™ and FastTrackGov, that provide cost conscious web-based tools which improve project workflow efficiency during valuable construction projects.


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