Flexibility and Scalability in a Government Software Platform

Municipal offices are being asked to do more with less. Constituents want faster and better access to services, while budgets are tightening, and staff shortages continue to be a reality.

Cloud computing, and more specifically modern SaaS platforms, can help municipalities and government offices increase those service offerings without putting more demand on staff. Modern software solutions enable departments to do more with less, providing the functionality you need with the convenience and speed your constituents expect. In order for you and your staff to get the most from whatever platform you license, that platform must have a proven track record of both scalability and customization to meet your department’s needs.

Improving Scalability for Your Municipality

Even as recently as a decade ago, increasing the capacity of your office’s essential software typically meant a big hardware spend. As we’ve headed into the cloud computing age, SaaS business models shifted the hard costs of physical infrastructure to the software providers instead of the operators (meaning, in this use case, you). This also offsets the cost of administrative and security functions, allowing your IT team and staffers to focus on the important tasks of delivering secure and time-sensitive services to your constituents.

When you need to expand your resources due to a sudden spike in activity or change in administrative requirements, working with an experienced and knowledgeable software specialist can minimize your ongoing hardware investment. Your operator should also be prepared to help you scale any new program quickly with minimal impact to workflows.

Mitigate Downtime and Prepare for Emergencies

Increasing your resources on demand isn’t just convenient. It may also be more secure. If your area is hit with any type of natural disaster, your data is already securely stored in a different location. With a cloud platform, offsite software administrators can further ensure you and your team can have access to your systems remotely, protecting the most critical aspects of your office functions.

Change and Expand Features as Needed

Cloud computing allows for faster and more responsive improvements to your systems. By making those incremental improvements over time, your department can better serve the community without having to invest in additional personnel, expand office space, or add more office hours. Additionally, you can meet and exceed the increasing expectations of constituents for digital access to online payments, paperwork processing, and more.

Improve Cross-Department Functionality

By unifying your department’s processes with a single platform, your entire municipality benefits. Departments can more easily verify payments, permit records, birth and death certificates, and more when each employee has access to the same citizen or property record.

To achieve that level of flexibility, your staff needs to partner with a team of software engineers who can help you predict and satisfy the ongoing needs of public institutions. Our unique FastTrackGov® (FTG) platform puts the best of cloud computing in your department or agency. Our team is prepared to help you customize the right set of features and capabilities, as well as increase cross-functionality among departments.

We have an established history of working with government agencies and designed our platform with the flexible and widely adopted Microsoft Dynamics system. FTG can be easily integrated with other popular government software programs, including OpenGov, Socrata, WinCAMS, and more.

To learn more about how FTG can help automate and streamline your government services, contact us for a free demo.