How FastTrackGov® Supports Your Remote Operations

As remote working options have become prevalent, it can be challenging for government municipalities to connect with their citizens. Thankfully, we’ve engineered the powerful FastTrackGov cloud-based community development software that offers complete municipality services ensuring your citizens have remote access to your services at any time and from anywhere.

Let’s explore cloud-based software and its advantages. We’ll take a look at the capabilities of our FastTrackGov software to see how it can help your municipality adapt to technological changes and provide convenient solutions for offering online services.

What is cloud-based software?

Also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud-based software refers to software hosted by a cloud provider. It is available for users to access over the internet, usually by using a subscription-based method.

Cloud-based software is highly intuitive and innovative. It allows your organization’s collaboration process to be completely seamless, and it means municipality staff can access the software in real-time.

Cloud-based software provides added conveniences and efficiencies and also streamlines the managing of your organization. Cloud-based software vastly improves the overall experience of your citizens and staff. It enhances cooperation, expedites scheduling, and makes your payment processes hassle-free with cloud-based software.

What are the advantages of cloud-based software?

There are many benefits to utilizing cloud-based software in your municipality. As touched on above, it dramatically improves your productivity. Services can be completed instantly online, offering great convenience for your citizens and employees.

Using cloud-based software allows for easier sharing, better data security, effective remote solutions, and flexibility for your municipality. As government organizations, we must keep up to date with technological advancements and provide a tailored experience for our citizens.

Meet FastTrackGov:

Our cloud-based software, FastTrackGov, makes it easy to integrate all municipal departments and ensure your operations are functioning proficiently. Apply, pay, renew, and schedule all your services online from one application. Enjoy lightning-fast data access, extensive data security, and make it easier than ever to collaborate with citizens and staff.

Configurable reporting and performance management reporting means you can stay informed with everything happening within your organization. Plus, with all data uploaded in real-time, you can track your performance metrics in a timely manner and with ease.

Instantly access multiple codebooks from one platform and issue and print violations with a single click in the field. Our platform is truly the one-stop shop for government municipalities looking to streamline their services and tailor their offerings for remote needs.

Our mission is to make your shift towards remote and virtual services as smooth as possible, and we provide an intuitive dashboard that allows you to collaborate with other government departments in real-time.

Any online permissions, licensing, inspections, and public record requests can also be handled with this platform.  Plus, we are constantly updating our platform to keep current with changing citizen needs and remote work demands so you can stay ahead in this ever-changing climate.

Are you ready to find out how FastTrackGov can streamline your organization? Schedule your free demo today.