IVR Integration: Why It Is Beneficial

Citizens are becoming increasingly self-reliant on technology and are looking for their government to adapt similarly.  For homeowners and contractors, this includes being able to apply for business licenses or building permits from their homes or offices. Why is that beneficial? It streamlines the process by allowing the citizen to do the work upfront allowing increased productivity from the back office as they are now reviewing and approving the permit more expeditiously.  It also reduces the need for in-person interaction and long lines – something that is much appreciated and necessary as we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic.

For busy contractors who apply for countless permits – from simple permits like roofs or A/C, to more complex permits like commercial buildings – Mitchell Humphrey & Co. can supplement your FastTrackGov® implementation with an Integrated Voice Recognition (IVR) system.  This is a common system that most everyone has encountered several times.  Examples would be calling a company for support or scheduling a technician to repair a broken furnace.

Soon after applying for a building permit and the plan review process begins, contractors can receive up-to-date information on the status of their plan reviews via the IVR.  After a building permit is issued, contractors can request to schedule their inspections over the phone.  Depending on when that inspection is requested, it may be scheduled for the following day.

What makes the integration with our IVR partner, Selectron, so powerful is not only being able to schedule those inspections, receive up-to-date statuses, but also having the ability to select which floor, as well as what discipline correlates to it.  For example, scheduling an inspection for the 10th floor of a commercial property for the final electrical inspection.

If there are any fees due for those inspections, the contractor will be able to pay for them over the phone.  To ensure that no one else is able to make these requests, contractors are authenticated in FastTrackGov and are also given a PIN.

Having an IVR system in place reduces your call volume and allows your staff to focus on their day-to-day tasks, ultimately meeting your goal of serving your constituents more efficiently and effectively.  Find out more on what our Selectron IVR integration can do for you.

-TJ Martin, Director of Client Services