Making Working Remotely Work

It’s no doubt, these are some unsettling times with the threat of COVID-19 looming. The idea of social distancing is a new concept meant to avoid or lessen the spread of the virus. How do we continue working while keeping space between us and others? Schools and universities, corporations, and other types of businesses across the country are turning to e-learning and e-work. They are prepared to continue “business as usual” online rather than in person.

Working remotely and making it work takes flexibility and the right technology. Web-based FastTrackGov® (FTG) Community Development software allows your municipality to connect with your citizens anytime, anywhere 24/7/365 no matter the situation. Social distancing doesn’t mean business has to stop – just adapt. And seamlessly, with no interruption to services.

FTG applications and assets are available to users at any time via the internet. The information is there wherever you are (if you have internet access), just like the internet.

Benefits of web-based FTG include:

  • Your data is accessible from anywhere
  • Retrieve all of your applications (without having to download them on multiple computers)
  • Ability to communicate with staff and the community in any circumstance

Being connected, staying informed, and improving flexibility with the latest technology will help you and your citizens respond and adapt during this global pandemic.

We can help get you where you need to be. Our Mitchell Humphrey FTG software was designed to meet the needs of both your organization and your citizens with modern conveniences, greater efficiencies, and an easy-to-navigate portal. Our integrated solutions are adaptable to your unique needs and are with you wherever you and your citizens are. With just a click.

Working remotely can work. The right technology plays an important role in seamless transitions from the work to home office. A little patience doesn’t hurt either.

-Eve Steele, Marketing Manager