Mitchell Humphrey & Co. Announces New FastTrackGov® Software Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: St. Louis, MO—Mitchell Humphrey & Co. (MH&Co.) is pleased to announce enhancements to their FastTrackGov® (FTG) community development software that allow government to meet the challenges of today and better serve their communities. MH&Co. developers, working with a growing community of new clients, have focused on developing new implementations that provide efficiencies for municipalities and their communities empowering them to leverage technology and thrive in this uncertain climate.

MH&Co. is a specialized software developer focused on the public sector, connecting governments and citizens. Their FastTrackGov® (FTG) community development software offers premier solutions that streamline operations and support citizen satisfaction, including licensing, construction permitting, code enforcement, planning & land use, and citizen interaction. Modern conveniences, greater efficiencies, and an easy-to-navigate portal all come standard. Adaptability is vital and that is where FTG applications excel.

A summary of updates:

-Electronic Plan Review (Permitting) – secure document management and storage accessible anytime and increased productivity while cutting overhead costs easily integrated with eplansoft REVIEW™. Upload large plan files, virus scan capability, update plan review statuses.

-New Jersey-Specific Construction – client requested updates including converting a master permit to an update and update to master, standalone violation attachment capability, merging contractors, and more.

-Mobile App (targeted Q2 release) – offering even greater flexibility in the field, synchronizing inspections, map locations and driving directions, view any related data, enter results, comments, and images on-site.

“Updates are a continual part of our software development. We closely monitor current trends and users’ needs, identifying key functions essential to thrive in this ever-changing environment.  The customizable FTG is a perfect fit to modernize municipalities’ interactions with their citizens,” stated John Hoven, Vice President – Engineering.

About Mitchell Humphrey & Co.
Mitchell Humphrey & Co., founded in 1977, is a leading provider of software solutions and support services for both the Public and Private sectors. Their broad range of software includes Financials, Community Development, and Vehicle for Hire Regulation applications. They provide custom software and services to over 200 clients across North America which include state and local governments, and mid-sized businesses. Learn more: