Mitchell Humphrey & Co. Releases New Enhancements in FastTrackGov® Software

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: St. Louis, MO—Mitchell Humphrey & Co. (MH&Co.) is pleased to announce the release of new enhancements and updates to their FastTrackGov (FTG) community development software solution. The development team is continually making tweaks to FTG to ensure that it meets and exceeds client expectations. The web-based FTG software, built on the Microsoft Dynamics® platform, connects government and citizens with solutions for licensing, permitting, code enforcement, inspections, and citizen interaction.

“Since we implemented our online citizen portal and went “live” with our FastTrackGov permitting program, we’re looking forward to providing some of the added convenience to the citizens and contractors of Manchester Township. Use of the FTG Online Payments and Permitting Inquiry allows individuals to look up UCC Permit status/history from the online portal linked to our Manchester Township website,” explained Gary Sylvester, CPWM, Director, Department of Inspections, Land Use & Planning.

Some of the many updates include:
-Online Scheduling – a municipality’s citizens can request, schedule, reschedule, or cancel inspections online; and inspections may be requested by building floor and/or unit.
-Bulk Scheduling – the ability to save search settings, view the display of prior comments, and include sensitive instructions will help streamline back office processes.
-Managing Application Attachments – easier viewing and download of attached files (available in all FTG modules).
-New Third-Party Integration – fully supports background check provider and IVR software integrations.

These enhancements and others were made to create added efficiencies for back office users and citizens. Some are automatic updates within FTG, while others are available for a premium.

“We are excited to offer our clients the most current technologies available to help them run their operations and interact with citizens more effectively,” stated John Hoven, Vice President – Engineering at MH&Co. “Additionally, no matter what software a municipality has, FTG is built to enhance it. With these new updates, now is the right time to inquire.”

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