You will receive a software solution that provides the tools you need to create and manage your budgeting activities.

A major benefit to you is the choice of using our standard process, tailoring a solution to meet your needs, or integration with our partner’s Questica Budget suite. Regardless of your choice of budgeting method, Questica’s Budget features provide the flexibility to distribute the budgeting and planning process to the decision makers responsible for those budgets.

  • Powerful automatic computations, such as percentage change from last year’s actual or budget.
  • Multiple techniques to automatically spread budgets by accounting period.
  • Comprehensive capabilities to automatically allocate budgets to various organizational units.
  • Convenient attachment of budget commentary and supporting documentation.
  • Optional retention of prior or alternate versions of the budget, including fixed, variable, and semi-variable versions.
  • Complete reporting on any or all budget versions in comparison with each other, actual, and the like.

Of course, you may have access to the Business Process Management and Knowledge Management tools available on all FMS products.