Government Software Solutions

Simple, yet powerful software that aligns with strict state regulations.
With Government Software Solutions (GSS), governments can increase the speed, ease, and accuracy of services to citizens.

Construction Project Management

  • Windows-based, easy to use, and field-proven interface
  • Search for permits based on block and lot, site address, owner name, owner address, etc.
  • Track submissions, approvals, and rejections
  • Coordinates enforcement processing, from violation notices to appeals to summary collection proceedings
  • Store, view, and print color digital pictures that integrate with other information on each application
  • Interfaces with tax assessor’s property database
  • Links to GIS mapping

Land Use & Zoning

  • Integrates with Construction Project Manager software to display information by block and lot, track decisions and approvals, and feed application information between systems
  • Organizes meeting, planning, and recordkeeping, providing a place to record agendas, attendees, results, and meeting notes
  • Monitors escrow accounting and generate low escrow letters with a few clicks
  • Produces dozens of preformatted reports

Rental Property Maintenance

  • Organize violations, summons, court appearances, and closure of violations
  • Identify and categorize vacant properties with Vacant Property Tracker
  • Generate Notices of Violation letters with a few simple clicks
  • Allow inspectors to enter data from laptops in the field and sync with server data when their day is complete
  • Store state and local code books
  • Issues various licenses associated with code enforcement inspections (Mercantile, Landlord Registration, Certificate of Habitability, etc.)

Optimized Solution for New Jersey

  • GSS software is set up to mirror the strict state regulations of New Jersey
  • Originally written and developed by a New Jersey construction official
  • Online permitting portal compliant with updated state permitting regulations, New Jersey Bill A1145