Privacy Policy

At Mitchell Humphrey, we both understand and respect your concerns about on-line privacy. You won’t have to read pages of fine print to understand our policies. We never collect personal information without your knowledge and your explicit consent.

We request personal information only when you ask us to do something that requires it. For example, if you ask for additional information about our products, ask that one of our consultants contact you, or subscribe to a newsletter, we’ll ask you for contact information.

Unless you explicitly tell us otherwise, all the information you provide is confidential. We will not disclose your information to any unrelated party. We have business partners who provide complementary products and services. If you give us permission, we might share your information with those partners. If we do so, our partners agree to keep the information confidential and to use it only to contact you about their own products and services.

We may, however, disclose your personal information, without notice, if required to do so by law. We also reserve the right to do so in the good faith belief that such action is required protect personal safety or to protect and defend our legal property rights.

We designed our web site so that you will never accidentally compromise your privacy. To submit personal information to us, you must always take some explicit action such as clicking a button. To give us permission to share that information with our partners, you must always take additional action such as checking a box on the form.

Our web site does use cookies. Cookies are small files which your browser stores on your computer on our behalf. We use cookies only to personalize your visit. For example, we might ask you about your industry and store your answer in the cookie. Later, we would use that information to display the pages which are most relevant to you.

Although the browser does transmit the information in the cookie to our server, we do not store the information on the server. The only record of the information you provide is stored on your own computer.