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Our Story

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. was founded in 1977 by Mitchell O. Humphrey as a technology provider serving the healthcare industry. FMS-80, the first software product we launched, was the predecessor to our current Financial Management Software (FMS).

Founded in

FMS II was a completely new software program that brought new features and functionality to MH&Co. users. All clients under maintenance with FMS-80 at the time were upgraded to the new system without additional fees—a practice we still keep today.

Launched FMS II in

We updated our FMS II software to remain current with the latest technological innovations at the time. This resulted in a completely new look and feel for the software along with many major functional enhancements.

FMS II is re-engineered in

Our first acquisition was the software of a company that designed and developed software for local governments in the Northeast. By modifying the existing modules, we made the software usable in any state—this formed the early stages of our current Government Software Solutions (GSS).

Acquires government software in

We teamed up with Microsoft in 2008 to combine our expertise in building innovative software solutions with the proven technology and effectiveness of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

Becomes Microsoft Partner in

We launched FastTrackGov in 2008 at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, bringing government employees and citizens a better way to communicate and get things done. We are continuously improving our software to match the needs of our users.

Launches FastTrackGov in

The first phase of the third generation of our FMS software was released in 2015. This initial release included a completely new and simpler user interface using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), a new list view/query framework for easily retrieving data, and functional enhancements to the Accounts Receivable module.

FMS III Initial Release in

In this release we performed significant enhancements to the Ledger systems (General Ledger, Project Ledger, Cost Accounting Ledger, and Grant Ledger) and our Online Inquiry tool—further simplifying the reporting process.

FMS III Phase 2 in

In Phase 3, we took our Query function to a whole new level! In addition to standard list views, we added the ability to define custom list views to meet all of your organization’s unique reporting requirements. This functionality is available throughout every FMS module.

FMS III Phase 3 in

We incorporate client-requested enhancements in every release of our software. Phase 4 was dedicated solely to enhancements that our Mitchell Humphrey User Group (MHUG) identified as most important to them. These included  drag and drop functionality and added security for attachments, a new dashboard, which features both standard role-based and user-defined dashboards, among other things.

FMS III Phase 4 in

We have grown exponentially over the years, but some things are best left unchanged. The pride in serving our clients, the focus on continuous improvement, and the entrepreneurial spirit that Mitch Humphrey started out with are still alive and well at our company. We look forward to many more years of growth and success.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

"What I like most about working with Mitchell Humphrey is knowing that there's always somebody available to help when I run into issues."
- Angela Patullo, St. Louis County, MN
"“What I enjoy most is that it’s highly customizable. We’ve got a lot of specific tasks that we need it to perform and it’s been very customizable and user friendly for us. We’ve really had great success with it.""
- Mike Myers, Carroll County, MD
"The new FMS III enhancements have greatly increased the usability of the FMSPO module. The help desk is always supportive and helpful. "
- Donna Viskoe, St. Louis County, MN
"Aside from the conferences (which are always fun), the thing I like most about working with Mitchell Humphrey is the professionalism that they bring to the table. Every time I have a question, it's always answered quickly and correctly."
- Julio Elizondo, AACOG
"Since transitioning to FastTrackGov, our workflow efficiency has improved considerably. We have been able to diversify the work our staff does in the field, in creating public safety and service to our community. "
- Josh Lynch, City of Portland
"Working with Mitchell Humphrey means I can get hands-on assistance to resolve issues on making the system better. I know when I have issues I can call and talk to a person to get the issue resolved."
- Phil Chapman, St. Louis County, MN
"I am so glad we have had your CRM software for over 10 years. Everyone is working from home and the FTG software is keeping our department operating efficiently and serving the residents of Manchester Twp in these difficult times. Thanks for your support."
- Mike Martin, Manchester Township, NJ
"With FastTrackGov, we are processing applications much faster and the margin for error has been reduced significantly. But most importantly, we are providing better service to our customers."
- Mark Williams, Portland Bureau of Transportation