FastTrackGov® Customized Solutions Are a Perfect Fit

When it comes to government software, vendors may have similar technologies to cater to state and local government organizations.  However, rarely is there a ‘one size fits all’ model that works for everyone.  Every government organization is broad and diverse, with different expectations, business processes, cultures, governance, and even politics.

With technology growing in innovation, we are finding several trends since our release of the FastTrackGov® (FTG) software solution.

First, more government organizations are looking at opportunities in the cloud (Software as a Service).  There are fewer engagements for On Premise models, especially with smaller and mid-sized organizations, with some outsourcing their IT staff.  This can be related budgetary pressures that stemmed from the Great Recession.  These organizations are looking to vendors for modernization with lower upfront costs.

Second, we have found that government organizations are looking for reporting tools to assist them with understanding their effectiveness in serving their constituents.  Analytical tools to help organizations see inefficiencies allow them to respond quicker, and even increasing their budget to accommodate for certain services.  For instance, service delivery in responding to code enforcement complaints and a quicker turnaround time for fixing potholes.

Third, citizen engagement is starting to become more common.  This can come in many forms, such as interactive voice response (IVR), electronic plan reviews, or online offerings.  Citizens are becoming increasingly tech savvy and want to get things done online from the comfort of their own homes.  They want to be able to apply for things like licenses, permits, schedule inspections, and have the ability to view their application status and pay online.

Vendors that understand and can focus their energies on improving the public sector are poised for success.  And that’s where FTG comes in to meet all of these demands and more.  We’re in a unique position where we can offer customized solutions and streamline your processes, whether it’s in accounting, public works, or construction permitting.  We have a combined 415 years of experience and continue to grow and excel in the ever-changing landscape of the software industry.  See for yourself and find out what our clients have been saying.

-TJ Martin, Director of Client Services