Help, I Can’t Drive While I’m Looking at My Dashboard

We went to the auto show when it came to our area in January. Two things struck me as we wandered around looking at all of the new models and concept cars—technology is amazing and people don’t want to do anything for themselves. It’s the dumbing down of society. We are so into multi-tasking we search for any way possible to make the tasks that we perform easier to do. Every feature in these cars was geared toward convenience because we are all trying to do more in less time.

Everything on the car is now automatic: from the power windows to the liftgate on SUVs. And the dashboard provides you with a tremendous amount of information. We have GPS to tell you where you are going and infrared displays to warn of obstacles along the way. We have innumerable warning indicators. It’s not enough to warn that we are low on fuel, the cars now tell you how many miles you can drive before you completely run out of gas (my personal favorite). They will also tell you your tires (including your spare) need air or that your gas cap has not been fastened tightly. Face it, cars are now virtually idiot proof.

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