Microsoft Dynamics Customization: Why Work With an Extensibility Expert?

Microsoft Dynamics is an end-to-end solution that provides several enterprise functions under one virtual roof. Through a single user interface (UI), each end-user has access to every module you need, providing a unified experience and greater security for your organization.

Extensibility is a common design principle that leverages less intrusive customization methods to enable a more tailored approach to an organization’s unique needs, without compromising integrity of your existing framework.

Working with the right software partner that has integrated Microsoft Dynamics extensibility within other public sector organizations can help your group see better security and performance from your software.

Why Microsoft Dynamics?

Dynamics offers a range of solutions for finance and supply chain tools, depending upon your organizational and industry needs. The entire suite is large and complex, but ultimately flexible enough to be customized for various workflows.

In addition to supply chain management, finance, and more, Dynamics 365 provides an integrated solution for CRM tools. It can also be used to improve your efficiencies, particularly when you partner with a company well-versed in and experienced with extensibility design and engineering.

What is Extensibility?

Extensibility is a software term that essentially means the platform is designed to be modified and expanded with extensions, integrations, and functionality without impacting the entire system’s functionality. Engineers design extensible systems so they can be improved over time without having to overhaul the source code or fundamental features or make major overhauls to the system itself.

By using this principle, user behavior and improvements can be measured and added over time, increasing the software’s long-term value and sustainability. It’s at the heart of most modern apps during the cloud-computing era, and has allowed for the enduring popularity and ubiquity of many of the products that we’ve all been using for decades.

Working with a Dynamics Extensibility Expert

Because Dynamics offers connections to an evolving network of extensions, the integration process can be complex. Many municipalities and agencies do not have the internal development, networking, or necessary IT resources to customize the platform, let alone ensure that it plugs in effectively to existing workflows.

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. is a Microsoft Silver-Certified Partner, empowering FastTrackGov® users with customized aspects of Dynamics 365. To become a Silver partner, you have to be an organization recognized by Microsoft for displaying specialization and commitment in a specific business solution area. We work with you to integrate various Dynamics modules and functions including:

  • A more robust end-user security model for your stakeholders
  • Record change auditing
  • A scalable platform to future-proof your investment
  • Improved data querying capabilities
  • Further extensibility/customization afforded through the visual/“no code” process/workflow rule engine

We can customize and leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to give you the security and stability you need, while giving you access to new and improved Microsoft Dynamics features as soon as they are released. Contact us today for a full demo.