Mitchell Humphrey & Co. Announces Launch of an Online Services Portal for their Government Software Solutions (GSS) CPM Software

Mitchell Humphrey & Co., a leading provider of government software, is launching an online services portal compliant with New Jersey Bill A1145. The NJ A1145 compliant portal will be offered as part of its Government Software Solutions (GSS) CPM software for online government permitting services.

NJ Bill A1145 will require local governments to offer constituents online construction permit application, scheduling, review, and other related services through an “Electronic Permit Processing Review System” with 24/7 availability.

NJ A1145 is one of the latest in a string of nationwide bills mandating digitalization for increased government efficiency, accessibility, innovation, and quality of service.

By integrating an Electronic Permit Processing Review System into its platform, Mitchell Humphrey once again steps forward as a top government solutions provider.

“At MH&Co., our clients play an important role in our product direction. This is just one more example of our Clients First philosophy. To our many clients who have provided valuable feedback – thank you. Once again, you spoke and we listened,” said Tom Wolpert, Senior Vice President – Technology at Mitchell Humphrey & Co.

The new GSS Construction Permitting online portal fully complies with New Jersey Bill A1145 requiring an Electronic Permit Processing Review System. This allows for the continuance of clients’ current GSS software and creates greater efficiencies and satisfaction for staff and the community.

Some of the core functions include:

  • Submit a construction permit application
  • Two-way communication between submitter/applicant and staff
  • Submit inspection requests for portal-submitted permit applications
  • Electronic submittal of plans

The NJ A1145-compliant GSS portal fits within a range of solutions that can be leveraged to achieve end-to-end digitalization with all the ensuing benefits.

Contractors, homeowners, and other constituents will be able to take care of their permitting and inspection-related activities online in a convenient and efficient manner. On the government side, the GSS e-permitting system reduces paperwork, streamlines workflows, and cuts the internal workload.

As another option, the FastTrackGov® (FTG) cloud Permitting and Inspections software offers applications for permitting, inspections, land management, licensing, code enforcement, zoning, and citizen interaction to provide an even greater level of performance, convenience, and versatility.

Wolpert continued, “We are committed to delivering a powerful product complying with this new mandate and benefitting client staff and community.”

Government agencies in New Jersey and other states can remain confident in Mitchell Humphrey & Co. as their go-to provider for citizen-first digital solutions.

About Mitchell Humphrey & Co.

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