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Software Company Releases New Enhancements to Its FastTrackGov® (FTG) Community Development Software


St. Louis, MO – Mitchell Humphrey & Co. is announcing the release of brand new features and FastTrackGov (FTG) Software Improvement Group (SIG) enhancements to its industry-leading community development software. FTG, which is currently being used by municipalities across the country, connects governments with their communities by allowing citizens to access services directly and conveniently.

The software enhancements allow municipality employees to work more efficiently when it comes to processing planning applications and other permits. The improvements are a direct result of input the company received from its client-led software improvement group.

Matt Humphrey, Vice President – Services at Mitchell Humphrey & Co., said, “All of our software products aim to connect people. FastTrackGov is no different: from its first release until now, we have been working closely with municipalities and citizens to make government more accessible. Processing planning applications, applying for, and renewing permits are all standard government and municipality functions. We believe that our software can help municipalities streamline these processes.

We also believe that software like FastTrackGov benefits from continuous improvement, and who would be better placed than our own clients to help us make those changes? That is why we started a client-led group to drive progress for our clients as well as our products.”

This latest release is a direct result of the software improvement group’s input into the company’s development process. Upgrades and enhancements will allow municipality employees to serve their communities faster and avoid doubling up on work.

Some of the recent upgrades cover:

  • Information transfer: clients will gain the ability to copy and paste data gathered during inspections from one permit to another. This will eliminate time-consuming repeated steps and allow permits to be issued and updated faster.
  • Simplified recording procedures: with the enhancements, municipality employees will find it easier to record plan review results. They save time and serve their citizens more efficiently.
  • Limiting duplicates: clients will now have the option to ask the software to warn them when duplicates start occurring in the tech section of a document. This will help avoid confusion later in the process and minimize the need for manual correction later.
  • Auto-population capacity: with the updates, specific sections of tech reports can be populated automatically. This feature will apply to inspections, plan reviews, and certificate sign-off sections for the moment. The goal is to reduce the amount of time inspectors and other employees spend on repetitive tasks.
  • Better collaboration: optimizing collaboration means simplifying the sharing of information. The upgrades will allow FTG users to email attachments and other official documents directly from the output screen, without additional steps.

All upgrades are scheduled to be released during the remainder of 2022 and will serve to retain Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s FastTrackGov software’s position as an industry leader for government software.

Matt Humphrey, Vice President – Services at Mitchell Humphrey & Co. explained, “This package of upgrades and enhancements will help municipality employees work more efficiently. By improving access to data and documents and simplifying collaboration, we allow staff to focus their time on more tasks that will better serve their communities. Comprehensive software packages are not designed to replace humans in municipalities. Instead, we aim to free up employees’ time by automating those parts of the application and permitting processes that are repetitive and time-consuming.

By doing that, software products like FastTrackGov help communities connect more closely and efficiently, giving the constituents the customer service they expect and deserve in the information age. Dealing with administrative tasks become fast and easy – there is simply no more need for long queues and costly delays.”

About FastTrackGov

FastTrackGov is a comprehensive, customizable software that helps municipalities and other organizations manage complex processes in a simple and accessible manner. The software is designed to be user-friendly and keep personal data safe. It is currently being used by government bodies and other organizations across the United States.

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