Mitchell Humphrey & Co. Launches Refreshed Web Experience

Streamlined and updated web presence allows for easier and more effective navigation of

St. Louis, MO – Mitchell Humphrey & Co. is starting the new year with a brand-new look for the company website, The company’s updated web presence will make it even easier for existing and prospective clients and partners to explore its flagship products FastTrackGov® (FTG), Financial Management Software (FMS), and Government Software Solutions (GSS).

Eve Steele, Marketing Manager at Mitchell Humphrey & Co. said, “This latest update of our website follows in the footsteps of a larger update and relaunch we completed a few years ago. While our previous redevelopment aimed to bring our flagship products together in one place, this latest update was focused on finetuning functionality and navigation.”

“We believe that this new version will not only appeal to existing customers. We expect that it will also attract the attention of municipalities and other government bodies that are not yet taking advantage of our products. Our goal was to create an engaging user experience without compromising on content.”

The company’s website,, has long been a valued resource for potential and current clients. Aside from delivering detailed information about software products, Mitchell Humphrey & Co. also delivers strong thought leadership on the importance of the digital transformation of municipalities across the United States.

For those municipalities that are still at the stage of considering the advantages and disadvantages of introducing software products or streamlining legacy systems, the website is making research even easier. In addition to in-depth information and case studies, the new design is highlighting clear calls-to-action (CTAs) even more than before.

These CTAs work as signposts guiding users between products and additional information. Asking for personalized advice is quick and easy via a real-time chat function with a Mitchell Humphrey & Co. representative. They continue to offer classic means of communication through personal phone calls or email inquiries.

Scheduling a product demonstration is just as straightforward. Product demonstrations are available in person or remotely. Either option helps bring individual software choices to life and allows municipalities to choose those options that best suit their employees and their citizens.

Ongoing service delivery includes sharing information about real-life challenges of municipality clients that Mitchell Humphrey & Co. helped overcome through relatable case studies and an extensive frequently asked questions section.

Steele continued, “The new layout is even more convenient to navigate and makes it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for. We are looking forward to the feedback of existing and prospective clients.”

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