Mitchell Humphrey’s FastTrackGov® (FTG) Community Development Software Simplifies Property Taxation

FTG integrates with BRT Technologies’ assessor software to support municipalities building and tax assessment services.

St. Louis, MO – Property taxation and building assessment services have just become easier. Mitchell Humphrey’s FastTrackGov® (FTG) community development software now integrates with BRT Technologies’ computer-assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) software package.

The integration of both systems will streamline and simplify the work of a municipality’s building department as well as its tax assessors. Both parties will find all the data they need on one convenient dashboard, making it easy to double-check information, progress, and complete assessments.

John Hoven, Vice President – Engineering at Mitchell Humphrey & Co. said, “From day one, we developed FTG to empower municipalities by making it easier to access and process information. Integrating our product with other leading technologies is an essential part of our strategy.”

“We’re pleased to support East Brunswick’s municipality by bringing the strengths of these two systems together to simplify property taxation for the town and its people. In combination, they will be a game-changer for building departments and tax assessors.”

While FTG receives and keeps a community’s property data up to date, BRT automatically receives permitting data that is essential for tax assessments. The integration will make both systems work together. As a result, East Brunswick municipality employees will be able to work more smoothly for the benefit of their citizens.

Hoven continues, “East Brunswick, New Jersey is a trailblazer with this software integration, but we hope that other communities will soon take advantage of the same combination.”

BRT Technologies’ PowerCama software module, the latest iteration of its ModIV/Cama suite of software, gives New Jersey tax assessors and administrators an unprecedented, innovative tool to manage a variety of tasks. MOD IV lays out the requirements for property taxation across New Jersey, including the preparation, maintenance, presentation, and storage of property tax data.

Powered by AWS cloud servers and equipped with pop-up guides to support tax assessors, BRT software makes accurate data handling simple. Plus, AWS storage guarantees that sensitive data is kept safe and backed up to prevent critical losses.

Brian Schneider of BRT Technologies said, “We’re excited to see our technology work in combination with the FTG community development software. The benefits for municipal tax assessors and for the state’s building departments are limitless. Starting with simplified processes and leading all the way to safe, dependable data storage, we believe that these two systems can really make each other stronger. Building permit data and assessment data can now be shared in a near real-time electronic format. Thus, eliminating the need for sharing of paper permits between two departments.”

“We hope that this is the beginning of a long-term cooperation that will benefit communities and municipalities throughout New Jersey.”

FastTrackGov® enables municipalities to simplify complex processes such as licensing and permitting with digitization. It builds trust between citizens and their governments because processes are more transparent. Citizens can apply and follow their applications in real time, monitor progress, and supply additional documents if needed. Municipality employees benefit from sharing data across departments and having a single point of access to all relevant information relating to specific processes.

Municipalities can choose to implement the entire package or start with individual modules to allow employees and departments to transition gradually. The ability to integrate with other software products, including tax assessment and other financial software, is another advantage that helps communities across the United States work more efficiently.

About BRT Technologies

BRT Technologies is a New Jersey-based software development company that has its roots in both software and tax assessment. BRT is renowned for its patented mobile and cloud-based software solutions. The company’s products are currently used in each of the state’s 21 counties. In 2019, BRT was the first NJ company to receive MOD IV certification in more than 18 years.

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