New White Paper Reveals Effectiveness of the FastTrackGov® Vehicle for Hire Regulation and Reporting Software

St. Louis, MO – Mitchell Humphrey & Co. (MH&Co.), a software development company, performed an extensive analysis of the FastTrackGov (FTG) Vehicle for Hire Regulation and Reporting that enables regulators to improve efficiency, accuracy, revenue maximization, and control for taxis, TNCs (transportation network companies)/rideshare, shuttles, limousines, pedicabs, private ambulances, wreckers, and more. The results will be published in a whitepaper to be released.

Titled “The value of FastTrackGov® Vehicle for Hire Regulation and Reporting Software for regulators,” this white paper provides insight into:

  • The Key Benefits of MH&Co. efficiencies and Operational Cost Reduction
    • Eliminated Limited Hours with an Online Portal, 24/7
    • Increased Proficiency and Availability
    • Reduced Operational Costs
    • Decrease in Cost Per License

“The FTG Client is able to support significant growth by managing a rapidly evolving industry, where regulations can change as fast as the escalating number of drivers and vehicles. FTG can provide regulators the tools and ability to prepare for the future and manage a quickly changing environment,” says Bobbi Wurth-Wernle, Director of Sales and Account Management.

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About Mitchell Humphrey & Co.
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