Periodic Inspection Manager: FastTrackGov Government Application

Elevator failures and emergencies are exceedingly rare these days thanks to built-in failsafe mechanisms, rigorous standards, and periodic inspections.

The modern elevator is equipped with cables, brakes, counterweights, and other innovative hardware to prevent accidents. And periodic inspections are mandated to ensure everything is working as it should be.

Inspections and tests for elevating devices, such as elevators, escalators, and dumbwaiters must take place at regular intervals – usually every six months or up to once a year.

Government agencies tasked with carrying these out must ensure inspections happen on the expected schedule and are conducted according to the standards. But that can be challenging for municipal and regional public organizations, especially those operating with tight budgets or limited staffing.

In these cases, implementing government software for periodic inspections can help agencies adhere to regulatory standards, gain better oversight, improve management, and conduct field inspections in a more effective and efficient manner.

GovTech for Periodic Inspections

Our FastTrackGov® (FTG) Periodic Inspection Manager (PIM) allows users to enter new elevator device data and has the ability to track ongoing periodic inspections. A unique feature of PIM is that its power comes in the form of not only automatically scheduling inspections, but also automatically invoicing and billing owners.

With FTG PIM, employees can:

  • Easily manage ongoing periodic inspections automatically
  • Manage mass invoicing
  • Access the system while working in the field via a tablet of choice
  • Attach images, violations, and access codes with the click of a button
  • Track virtual inspections

PIM is also customizable enough to be able to use it for other types of periodic inspections and devices, such as septic systems.

FTG Periodic Inspection Manager tracks ongoing periodic inspections for escalators, dumbwaiters, elevators, swimming pools, backflow preventers, and more.

Managing Periodic Inspections with Government Software

FastTrackGov’s Periodic Inspection Manager digitalizes, streamlines, and automates periodic inspections from scheduling right through to invoicing. It offers automated management that eliminates manual reception, intake, scheduling, invoicing, billing, and general paperwork.

Agencies can use automation to send out invoices en masse, generate them automatically, or issue individual ones as needed.

It facilitates two-way communication and information delivery, allowing employees to send violation notices, issue inspection certificates, or point out various problems.

Its inspection management capabilities include record logging, media uploads, and tracking.

Enabling Independent Government Applications and Constituent Self-Service

Digitalization should always enable users and constituent owners to engage in more self-service. With Periodic Inspection Manager, elevating device owners and other equipment stakeholders can independently handle everything related to inspections and other government applications.

Self-service scheduling, inspection reviews, and fee payments happen through a single, user-friendly portal. The user portal acts as a centralized reference and interaction point for both public employees and private constituents.

It enables asynchronous communication between the two sectors. It allows members of the public to see their results within the portal and upload any needed information. Agency workers can interact with them through it, sending results or asking for clarification.

GovTech for In-Field Inspections

Elevator, escalator, swimming pool, and other periodic inspections conducted by public sector employees should be facilitated and carried out using professional field service solutions. FastTrackGov’s Periodic Inspection Manager is geared toward enabling in-field technical work while facilitating public sector service.

The Periodic Inspection Manager is optimized for working on tablets and other devices while in the field, and it offers full-fledged office management capabilities.

Public organizations can adopt a modern field management solution that’s compliant with government digital requirements, standards, and regulations. It elevates public service while improving in-field procedures.

GovTech for Virtual Periodic Inspections

It seems like almost everything has gone remote these days, including periodic inspections. Your agency can use FastTrackGov to virtually inspect escalators, elevators, and other equipment. Periodic Inspection Manager offers a structured intake process for detailed device information, pictures, and videos.

Machine owners can submit documentation, data, pictures, and footage applicable to various device features. Agency employees can review things online, request more information when necessary, and deliver certifications, violation notices, and other assessment results.

Virtual periodic inspections are logged and tracked along with in-person ones. The virtual inspections manager then automatically invoices and bills customers, for an end-to-end managed service.

5 reasons why your agency needs to use government software for periodic inspections

1.      Optimize Workflows

The benefits of digitalization and automation are well-known at this point. Productivity, resource management, and efficiency improve. Operational costs go down, communication gets better, and organizations become more accessible and transparent. Departments are unified and gain cross-functional agility.

Utilizing the right software program is the difference between spending hours taking calls, writing down details, and responding to messages versus receiving clearly outlined service call details from a government software solution with a structured intake.

GovTech allows agencies to transform inspection work into a sleek, streamlined, autonomous department requiring minimal human coordination, management, or supervision. Implementing an intelligent solution can save hours, weeks, or months of manpower.

Automate this work through a government software solution, and then shift employees over to more important tasks. Adopting GovTech solution for periodic inspections will enable the agency to further lower internal workloads, cut labor costs, increase efficiency, and improve service delivery.

2.      Better Compliance and Assuring Public Safety

Elevator, escalator, and other equipment failures are rare and avoidable. However, the safety we tend to take for granted depends on whether inspections are carried out regularly.

Periodic Inspection Manager ensures this happens with three critical features – inspection management, record keeping, and tracking. It systemizes inspections, logs all the details, and stores the records securely in the cloud.

Maintaining clear oversight, historical records, and an accurate track record is critical. Agencies can’t risk losing track of when an escalator inspection last happened, what the details were, or when one is supposed to happen next.

It’s easy for that to happen when relying on personal management since human error often results in accidental record deletion or incorrect entries. Switching to an automated GovTech solution is the best way to ensure inspections are done right and never lose a record again.

3.      Faster Public Service

Government software enables agencies to deliver smoother and faster public services. An automated solution eliminates administrative tasks, service management, and other busy work, freeing employees up to spend their time on assessments and other high-value work.

Self-service scheduling, asynchronous portal messaging, and automated billing eliminate service wait times and communication delays.

Constituents no longer need to wait to make appointments or coordinate available time with government employees. And public sector employees can concentrate on carrying out the service work.

4.      Provide Exceptional Citizen Experience

People want their government interactions to be fast, digital, and frictionless. Delivering citizen-centric services that meet these expectations is the key to creating outstanding citizen experiences and improving citizen satisfaction levels.

Periodic inspections are necessary for public safety however they do introduce a certain amount of regulatory friction, along with the potential for bureaucratic delays. Government software can reduce this friction and offer a much smoother business service.

5.      Achieving Government 5.0

Government 5.0 refers to the fifth stage in governmental digital transformation. It sees the public sector become more citizen- and beneficiary-centric, with service delivery integrated around constituents’ daily lives and events.  At this level of digital maturity, citizens have public services tailored to fit into their lives and can seamlessly conduct various government activities through unified, user-friendly, digital channels. That includes mundane tasks like taking care of periodic inspections.

A few characteristics of digital government 5.0 include seamless public-private collaboration, digital government coordination, unified inter- and intra-departmental functionality, single interface access, and boundaryless service delivery.

Provide Periodic Inspections that Meet Digital Government Standards

Public agencies are expected to provide simple, fast, accessible, and high-quality digital services. That applies to things as regular as service inspections.

FastTrackGov’s Periodic Inspection Manager allows agencies to elevate their day-to-day citizen experiences while meeting all the necessary digital government requirements and standards.

  • It works anywhere, anytime, and on any device, offering user-friendly access to employees and constituents
  • It facilitates accessible government, enabling services to be offered on a 24/7/365 basis
  • It maintains user privacy and safety through role-based security and granular administrative control

Your agency might not be legally required to offer digital periodic inspection solutions at this time. However, you can take the step to go above and beyond.

Deliver Next-Generation Government Inspections

FastTrackGov’s Periodic Inspection Manager has you totally covered. It offers robust field service capabilities while complying with all the expectations and regulations for Digital Government.

With the release of this module, Mitchell Humphrey offers another way to safeguard the public, satisfy constituents, improve departmental efficiency, and deliver next-generation government services.

It’s an intelligent and automated administrator, field manager, and customer service agent, all in one streamlined government software solution.

Interested in automating and elevating your agency’s periodic inspections? Let’s schedule a quick virtual meeting to review the software’s features, capabilities, and the impact it can make within your department.