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Property Management

Collect all of your property information and view it from anywhere with FastTrackGov’s property management software.


Boost your planning productivity by storing all property and land use information in a centralized database that fully integrates with your Tax Assessor’s office.

Vehicle for Hire

With our Vehicle for Hire software, you’ll easily maintain documentation, create efficiency, and maximize revenue for your agency’s transportation activities.

Engineering and Public Works

Streamline your back-office processes with FastTrackGov’s Engineering and Public Works software.

Construction Permitting

Managing the permitting process can be difficult and time-consuming for even the most experienced staff members. With FastTrackGov’s Construction Permitting solution, you can manage every step efficiently with automated workflows.

Contractor Connect

Streamline your permitting process and process applications online with Contractor Connect.

Rental Property

FastTrackGov’s rental property software gives you a clean, efficient solution for all your data storage, tracking, and reporting needs.

Pet License

FastTrackGov offers a complete suite of automated pet licensing application, review, approval, and payment tools.

Hospitality Taxes

Streamline your workflow with FastTrackGov’s hospitality tax software.