Properly account for all of your organization’s capital assets.

The FMS Fixed Assets software helps your organization be the best possible steward of its large investments.

Create efficiencies in your process

  • Automatically update your General Ledger
  • Generate several entries with a single transaction, for example, a disposal action logs the sale of the asset and records depreciation, gain/loss, ITC recaptures, cost, and accumulated depreciation
  • Easily convert budgeted assets to actual assets
  • Automatically bring assets over from the FMS Purchasing software
  • Perform depreciation projections for the entire life of your assets
  • Reduce asset maintenance time through mass maintenance features that can be used with real or projected assets

Store and access fixed asset data securely online

  • Comply with financial accounting standards and regulatory agency reporting
  • Provide data integrity and online editing capabilities
  • Retain up to 99 records per asset
  • Easily look up individual asset history of specified transaction types for the life of an asset
  • Pull cumulative records of specified transaction types by period, year, and life-to-date

Tailored to your business process

  • Support capital budgeting and provide an automated approval process with workflow
  • Group individual assets with a master asset so you can account for components (e.g. the assets of a building) separately or as part of the whole
  • Adapt to unique or unforeseen asset accounting requirements with customizable action codes
  • Track control data such as item description, tag number, location, vendor, and make or model