Keep all your project & grant information organized from application to project completion.

The FMS Project & Grant Accounting software contains built-in customization tools that accommodate your unique needs.

Flexible Data & Tracking Capabilities

  • Accommodate subsidiary ledgers
  • Support multi-year grants and varying grant years, allowing you to report across years
  • Account for capital projects
  • Provide the ability to record grants as soon as applications are submitted, automatically tracking approval status
  • Report project expenditures, percentage of completion, and remaining budget

Centralized & Integrated

  • Update the General Ledger and Grant Ledger simultaneously with a single journal entry, purchase order, or invoice
  • Compute grant matching requirements when data is entered
  • Automatically generate status and approval updates for interested parties
  • Provide complete budgeting and encumbrance accounting capabilities
  • Automatically allocate indirect cost, including step-down allocations