Boost productivity. Accomplish more in less time.

Gain efficiency with FMS Streamline, our fully customizable Workflow Management software.

Customizable Routing & Approvals

  • Internal documents are routed according to a customized approval plan specific to your organization’s business process
  • Effectively process requisitions, purchase orders, accounts payable invoices, budget data, and more
  • Eliminate time-consuming routing of paper documents between departments
  • Reduce processing time
  • Ensure more accurate processing with automated workflows

Automated Notifications

  • Set up tailored alerts that prompt employees to take action when significant events occur in the system (for example, when large invoices age to a certain degree)
  • Keep managers informed and double-check for accuracy with notifications of significant data changes, such as the addition of a large credit limit
  • Work process events (invoice postings, vendor/customer information changes, collection actions, approvals, etc.) can be set with triggers that provide automatic notifications to selected individuals within the organization