Get from query to actionable insight in minutes.

FMS Business Intelligence software powers your reporting capabilities to help you make smart business decisions.

Leverage Your Data with FMS DataLink

  • FMS DataLink uses the latest OLE DB technology to seamlessly communicate between your Ledger software and desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Crystal Reports
  • Comes equipped with the latest Microsoft .NET development tools, allowing you to display data from your system on your web page
  • Employees who are already trained on Crystal Reports and Microsoft desktop applications can be immediately productive in FMS
  • Quickly and easily select the data you want from General Ledger, Project Accounting, Job Cost Accounting, Purchasing, or any other FMS software

Better Spreadsheet Reporting

  • FMS Exec provides quick, easy, and secure two-way data transfers between FMS and your spreadsheets
  • Prepare journal entries in your spreadsheet and upload them to FMS
  • Transfer data from external systems to a spreadsheet, which can then be uploaded to FMS
  • Create smarter spreadsheets using your FMS data with graphs and other visual tools to communicate better with your team
  • Intelligently predict the impact of reorganization or program changes by importing FMS data into Excel models

Multi-Dimensional Analysis

  • In under an hour, you can identify a potential problem area, analyze the situation, and create illustrations
  • Retrieve and review total expenses for all departments, comparing them with budget and actual for the prior year
  • Drill down to view line items for different departments
  • Create and print line graphs and pie charts that highlight trends and display different types of expenses as a percentage of your total budget
  • Easily compare expenses across departments

Quick Decisions & Ad Hoc Reporting

  • ASK FMS is easy-to-use query and reporting software that enables you to follow a “wizard-driven” process to build a query and produce a report
  • Ideal solution to give employees the ability to pull reports without in-depth knowledge of your tables and data structure
  • Address many types of query/reporting requirements including Vendor Labels, Accounts Payable Check Registers, Outstanding Balances by Customer, and much more
  • Fully customizable reporting capabilities tailored to your specific business needs