You will receive a software solution that covers the full range of purchasing activities, from requisition to receiver.

Some of the key benefits to you are as follows:

  • Supports de-centralized requisitions with automatic approval routing and status tracking.
  • Creates Requests for Quotation and trade responses.
  • Performs automatic matching among purchase orders, receivers, inspection reports, invoices, and freight charges, as applicable.
  • Computes sales or use tax, discounts, retention, freight, etc.
  • Allocates line items and computed amounts to predefined general ledger accounts.
  • Performs unit of measure conversions.
  • Accommodates special needs, such as commitment accounting, standard cost, purchase price variance, and the like.
  • Provides on-line access to historical data by vendor, vendor group, item, and transaction type.

Of course, you may have access to the Business Process Management and Knowledge Management tools available on all FMS products.